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Do It Yourself Credit Disputing

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Learn how to dispute your credit yourself. There is no need to pay hundreds and thousands of dollars to a company that have no guarantees. This DIY Credit Dispute 7 week course will give you insight to the laws and resources you need to feel confident in disputing your credit report. Each week will include written material, videos, and activities to help you fully understand and apply what you have learned. By the end of this course, you will have the skills and knowledge to successfully dispute errors in your credit report, which can ultimately improve your credit score and financial well-being. Here are the lesson plan: Welcome Week 1: Credit Fundamentals and Education Week 2: Pre-Dispute Process Week 3: Inquiry Process Week 4: Collection Agencies Week 5: Original Creditors Week 6: Credit Reporting Agencies Week 7: Late Payments Enroll now and start your journey to financial freedom!

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