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Need your credit score?? Get prepared. Know your FICO credit score. We've collaborated with Identity IQ to streamline your credit management and enhance your overall credit well-being. Identity IQ provides a wide range of services aimed at assisting you in monitoring your credit status and safeguarding your personal data. Through Identity IQ, you can review your 3-bureau credit reports and FICO® scores, offering a comprehensive view of your credit health. This essential data enables you to grasp your financial position and pinpoint any inconsistencies or concerns that require attention. In addition to providing detailed credit reports, Identity IQ offers 3-bureau daily monitoring and alerts. This means that any changes to your credit profile, such as new accounts or inquiries, will be promptly brought to your attention. This proactive monitoring helps you catch potential issues early, ensuring that you can take action quickly to prevent any long-term damage to your credit score. Identity IQ also includes dark web and internet monitoring, which scans the web for your personal information to ensure it hasn't been compromised. In the unfortunate event that your identity is stolen, Identity IQ offers $1 million in identity theft insurance, providing you with financial protection and peace of mind. With these robust features, Identity IQ is a valuable tool for anyone looking to maintain their credit health and safeguard their personal information.

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